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The Canteen has been further memorialized in this painting by Patsy Smith which adorns the “kiddie” carousel at North Platte's Cody Park.

In the spring of 1995, North Platte Park Superintendent Lyle Minshull had an idea for brightening up the top of the carousel at Cody Park. He envisioned paintings of early days which would show some of North Platte’s history. He asked area artists to do paintings, which would be displayed above the horses on the carousel. Each artist was asked to paint their interpretation of something they thought to be important to North Platte history

Artist Patsy Smith thought about the Canteen. She had met some of the women who had coordinated the effort and who had served food to the soldiers during World War II.

Patsy Smith is a watermedia artist who has her studio in North Platte, Nebraska. She has received numerous awards for the work she has shown in state, national and international juried competitions, including the top award in the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibit. She is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society, Kentucky Watercolor Society and National Watercolor Oklahoma Society. She has published in "The Artist" and “American Artist” magazines, and Creative Watercolor and Watermedia Techniques For Releasing The Creative Spirit books. Her paintings are displayed in many galleries. Her work is widely collected and hangs in colleges, universities, corporations and private collections.

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